How To Make Every Day A Good Hair Day

A recent survey involving a group of women revealed that nearly half of all women interviewed are affected by the status/look of their hair. A bad hair day contributes to anxiety and depression while good hair has mood-lifting power. Just like a good outfit and good shoes, your hair contributes to the positive vibes of the day. 

How do you make every day a good hair day? For your hair to impress, you have to start with the basics. Your hair-care routine determines whether your crown delivers every day or not. From the elements to products used, many things influence the state of hair. The following hair tips will help lay the foundation for good hair every day.  

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  • Keep Hair Clean And Moisturized

Clean hair is good hair - but how should you clean your hair? Washing hair daily is not ideal to keep natural moisture intact. However, washing hair twice a week using a moisturizing shampoo is advised. Cleaning properly removes dirt and restores moisture. Dehydrated hair that is over-washed is less likely to cooperate when you are looking for a good hair day. Therefore, invest in a quality hydrating shampoo.  

  • Condition Your Hair Daily

If you want hair in the best condition, you must condition it daily. After shampooing, always follow with a rich conditioner. Maintain hydration and keep away frizz  by choosing a quality hair conditioner. It also improves shine and makes hair flexible for styling. Conditioner can also repair damaged hair and promote healthy growth. Your scalp will thank you as well.  

  • Go Easy On Heat Styling

Heat is not your hair's friend. Hot tools like flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers and others can damage your hair when done excessively. However, it is hard to avoid heat styling and experts recommend more subtle alternatives like steam rollers. Heat protectants can also help as well. Speaking of heat, you also want to limit your time in the sun. Before going out on a hot day, use a heat protectant with SPF. UV rays from the sun can badly damage hair.

  • Trim Hair After Every Two Months

Trimming hair after every 8 weeks prevents split ends and in turn gives you healthy hair. Split ends upon reaching the shaft lead to hair breakage. Keep in mind that hair slits are irreparable. Even when you are growing out hair, trimming regularly is critical.

  • Use The Right Hair Products

Do not just give in to a sales pitch where hair products are concerned. Look at the ingredients and interrogate how the product will help you. Natural products have less harmful effects. Also, use the product properly in the right amounts. When you are loyal to this hair-care routine, styling your hair daily will be a breeze. 

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