Simple Ways to Keep Your Lips Supple Naturally

Soft supple lips are sexy to say the least. Additionally, such lips may indicate great health and pronounced beauty. We all want to have soft lips; but, the reality is that many people have very rough, unattractive lips. As if this is not enough, countless people already use expensive products while following their lip care regime religiously. If great lips have been elusive for you, perhaps it is time to dig deeper. Uncover what the problem might be and learn how to use effective methods to create the desired lips. 

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This information guides you with the best tips available to transform your lips for the better. You have to start by understanding how your lips work and what they are made of.  Unlike other parts of the skin, lip skin is very sensitive and it is made up of about 4 or 5 layers. Other parts of the skin have over 15 layers on average. This shows that your lips need extra care. When you care for your lips in a special manner, you will certainly see the best outcome.

Best tips to keep lips supple naturally  

Moisturize as often as possible

Without adequate moisture, your lips cannot be soft and supple. Therefore, you have to keep moisturized throughout the day. One-off moisturizing will just not cut it. Take your lip balm or moisturizer everywhere with you. After you visit a bathroom, reapply the moisturizer. This will not only keep you comfortable; but it will ensure that your lip skin doesn't dry out. Making a habit of this will result in very soft lips. Some people use lip balm every few minutes. Others use it once an hour or after a few hours. There is no need to exaggerate or overdo it by applying every few minutes. However, if you find that you dry up very often, you are probably not applying enough moisture on your lips. Do what works for you best. Other times, you may have to look at the type of lip balm or lip product you are using. 

Use natural lip care products free from harsh chemicals

There are all kinds of lip balms and lipsticks in the market. Many of them have artificial fragrances and chemicals. In fact, most of them have synthetic additives that can be counterproductive. Therefore, choose lip balms or lipsticks made of natural ingredients that nourish and heal your skin. For example, a lip balm made of coconut oil, cinnamon, cocoa butter is much better for your lips. 

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Scrub or exfoliate your lips

Just like any other part of the skin, your lips need some good scrubbing to exfoliate dead skin cells. You can choose to create a scrub in your home or space; or you can exfoliate using a soft toothbrush. Both are very easy and can be done with minimal effort. The best simple scrub to make at home is a mixture of honey and sugar. Just rub a little of the scrub on your lips and rinse off after a few minutes. A more youthful skin will be revealed. Moisturize with a high quality lip balm after scrubbing. If you choose to exfoliate using a toothbrush, get a very soft one. Do it delicately to avoid irritating the skin. This simple practice will go a long way to give you the supple lips you want.

Lock in lip moisture at night using petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly does not necessarily hydrate your lips. However, it forms a barrier whereby moisture is locked in your lips. This is a great way to boost the softness. During the day, use a penetrating lip balm that fully nourishes the lips. At night, apply a thin layer of this jelly to seal off your lips accordingly. Many people swear by this approach and it is the best way to attain the best lips. Do not forget that the jelly is an occlusive agent that creates a protective barrier for your lips.

Stay hydrated

If you do not get enough water for your body, it might show on your lips. You may have dry lips that are hard to manage. If you moisturize on the outside and forget to hydrate the inside, you cannot have sustained soft lips. You have to look at your water intake seriously. One glass a day is simply not enough for your overall well being. It is not just about water, you need to be on a proper diet that is well balanced. You also need to lead an active lifestyle that boosts skin health. All these things come together to give you lips that are attractive, soft and healthy.

Avoid licking your lips

Many people have the bad habit of licking and even biting their lips all day long. This habit has serious repercussions. First, licking leads to dehydrated lips and biting will break the skin and cause damage. If you want to avoid chronic lip dryness and irritated lips, you have to stop doing this. Train yourself slowly on how not to touch or lick your lips. Look for healthy ways to relieve stress so that your lips do not suffer. Stress and anxiety have been linked to this compulsive behavior. Slowly, small steps will graduate to bigger ones and the licking habit can be booted.  

Use high quality lipstick and gloss 

To attain the best lips possible, it is a process. You have to give it time to fully reap the benefits. Your lip care regime should include all the above tips. Doing all these things will certainly make your lips stand out. It really takes some effort and commitment on your part. The process and the effort is all worth it when you finally get the lips of your dreams.

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