Electric Hairbrush Straighteners and Everything You Need To Know

Straightening your hair every other time can be an uphill task. If you have curly hair and prefer to keep it straight, you probably use flatirons and blow dryers to this effect. Flatirons and straightening tongs are usually not convenient for frequent use. To fill this gap, the hair tools market has welcomed an alternative that could solve the problem. I'm talking about electric hairbrush straighteners. They look like hair brushes; but they deliver a current that straightens your hair effectively as you comb it. If you do not know much about these hairbrushes, the following information is tailored just for you. 

A digital electric hairbrush

What is an electric hairbrush and how does it work?

Electric hairbrushes or combs are straightening tools that use ionic technology to deliver a current in your hair through the bristles. When you pass the brush through the heating properties, you get straight hair that is easier to style. The electric tool is set to achieve a certain temperature as needed. This way, you comb your hair normally with extra benefits of straightening. Ionic technology works by producing negative ions into your hair. This action is able to iron out any frizz and curls to give you straight hair. If you are wondering whether the electric hairbrushes work or not, review the following benefits.  

Reasons to use a hairbrush straightener

There are countless advantages of using these hair tools. They are more convenient and efficient. In addition, they are affordable. Below is a closer look at the top benefits.

1. They are more gentle on hair

Compared to flatirons, an electric hairbrush works at a much lower temperature. This means that you can enjoy a soft straightening action in a more natural way. Other straightening tools will require gripping of hair amid a much higher temperature. In the long run, electric combs are better and gentler on your hair.

2. Using this hair tool is easier

Handling a hairbrush is much easier compared to other straightening tools. You comb your hair just as you would, normally. With reduced resistance and efficiency, you are able to handle and manage your hair better.

3. Even heat distribution and fast heating action

An electric hair comb will heat up very fast. This saves you time and makes work easier. In addition, the heat is distributed evenly to your hair. As a result, you achieve faster straightening with better results.

4. Excellent for maintenance

If you want to maintain your hair through regular touch ups with low heat, this is the best way to do it. Many people just want to reduce the frizz to style hair in a more natural way. You will be in a position to manage your hair with great ease in a sustainable manner. 

Guide to using an electric hair comb the right way

1. Always start by combing the hair first with a regular brush. This will remove any tangles and make your work much easier.

2. Never use an electric hairbrush straightener on wet hair. This is because wet hair is extremely fragile and you can damage hair permanently.

3. It is better to straighten your hair starting with the lowest temperature as you work your way up.

4. A product that protects your hair from heat damage is critical as well.

5. Work on your hair in sections to see better results. Starting from the back is better; always make sure that the bristles of the brush are pointing outwards.

6. Section your hair in small bits that allow you to see the tip of the bristles as you straighten.

Which electric hair straightener should you use?

There are all manner of electric hairbrushes in the market. It is always wise to choose keenly to get a high quality hairbrush that gives you value for money. One of the most notable electric hair straightening comb is featured below.


Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush


This is a quality digital electric hairbrush for straightening.  It comes with many features among them an LCD display. Other characteristics are as follows;

  • The hair tool comes with an adequate swivel cord for convenience
  • The product heats us very fast
  • It is made of ceramic bristles that are crafted to straighten hair in a gentle manner
  • It shuts off automatically after 60 minutes
  • The temperature is adjustable with control up to 450 F

How to use this electric hair comb

Using this hair tool is easy. As highlighted above, make sure to section your hair into portions. Use the straightener from the roots while firmly brushing to the tips of your hair. Repeat these steps until you have straight hair as desired.

How to store it

Once you are done, make sure you shut it off. Then, unplug the hair tool and put it aside to cool completely. After it is cool, you can store as needed in a secure area.

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