How Using Natural Hair Oil Affects Your Hair

It is no secret that natural hair oil is awesome for hair. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used these oils for centuries to achieve the most beautiful lustrous hair. Natural oils such as jojoba, coconut, argan and olive oil are some of the most notable examples. Today, more and more people are looking to holistic answers for their lives. Many have chosen to live greener lifestyles and choosing natural oil for hair is one great way to enhance your life naturally. In addition, there is a host of essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender and senja that are excellent for natural hair care. Blended oils are even better for hair. If you have no idea where to start with these oils, this guide will show you how these rich oils can fully transform you hair.

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Most popular natural hair oils and their benefits 

Argan oil

This is an excellent oil full of nutrients that work wonders for your hair. Also known as Moroccan oil, this natural golden liquid is an antioxidant, and is rich in fatty acids as well as vitamin E. Argan trees produce nuts and this oil is derived from the nuts. If you are grappling with dry hair that is prone to frizz and tangles, this is the natural solution for you. If you have heat damage or your hair gets too greasy, argan oil will act on hair to restore moisture and lustre. Furthermore, this oil protects hair from UV damage. It gives a great shine and it smoothes hair to make it more manageable.

Using argan oil is not complicated at all. All you need are a few drops rubbed in your hands and applied directly to the hair. The oil can be used daily because it isn't greasy. It really doesn't matter whether your hair is damp or dry; argan oil works effectively to restore moisture and shine. You can also consider making a hair mask using this oil together with other vital ingredients. With its potent protective qualities and moisturizing benefits, argan oil is surely a go-to solution for your hair needs. Do not forget that it works great both on skin and hair.

Grapeseed oil

Extracted from grape seeds through cold pressing, this oil is awesome for hair. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, emollients and others to deliver a high quality natural effect to your hair. It boosts the growth of hair and adds adequate moisture to spark and sustain healthy hair. If you have damaged or weak hair, this oil can revive your hair naturally. For scalp conditions such as dandruff and dermatitis, grapeseed oil is a good remedy. The oil is green in color and is highly versatile owing to its skin and culinary applications. This oil has been found beneficial against hair loss. This is because it blocks the production of DHT, which is a hormone associated with hair loss.

Rich in vitamin E, this oil also boosts the production of linoleic acid. This acid helps promote shine and lustre to weak hair. This odorless and lightweight oil can be used every single day on hair. It can also act as a helpful carrier oil when used with essential oils. This way, you get multiple benefits from natural oils. It can be blended with lavender essential oil and more. With a few drops, you enjoy deep hair conditioning and restoration. This is certainly one of the best natural oils for hair care. 

Jojoba oil

This is one of the most notable natural carrier oils. Extracted from the jojoba plant, this oil is richly nourishing to hair. Just like coconut oil, it has the ability to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and follicles to deliver nutrients. In terms of characteristics, jojoba oil resembles sebum, which is naturally produced by the skin. The oil will not clog pores on the scalp. In fcat, it can tackle scalp issues like dandruff and dermatitis. With antimicrobial abilities, this oil will treat and condition both skin and hair. For dry damaged hair, this is a good option. You can restore life to dull hair and promote shine as needed.

This oil can be used in various ways. It can be applied directly to hair and left overnight. This oil treatment will promote strength and shine. You can use it before or after shampooing your hair as needed. Just like other natural oils, you can blend jojoba with others to make an even more effective mix. It works very well as a carrier oil together with essential oils. As an effective moisturizer, jojoba is a great addition to your hair care regime.

Lavender oil

Studies have shown that lavender oil promotes hair growth. Indeed, this oil has many benefits. It has the ability to increase hair follicles leading to thick or full hair. People who are suffering with dandruff can also find relief owing to the antimicrobial nature of lavender oil. It stimulates blood flow on the scalp to give you excellent hair health from the roots. It also has excellent moisturizing abilities. Sebum production is also controlled to give your scalp and hair optimal balance. Of course, the healing aroma of lavender cannot be overstated. Enjoy some wonderful scents as you fully condition your hair.

Using this essential oil should be done carefully. Because of its highly potent nature, a small amount is enough to give the needed results. Always dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. It can be used with your shampoo or applied directly to the hair to treat and condition it. For scalp treatment, massage directly onto scalp and enjoy dandruff free hair.  

Lemongrass oil

This is an oil extracted from an herb belonging to the Poaceae grass family. It is rich in minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the hair. With hair follicle strengthening abilities, you want to use this oil for your hair. It is great for all hair types for moisturizing, strengthening and preventing hair loss. You can massage it directly on the scalp or you can add it to your shampoo or conditioner for effective relief. For the best natural hair oils, Utama Spice is your trusted partner. Their natural aromatherapy hair oils are blended with your hair needs in mind. From lavender to senja hair oil, get all natural hair oils specially designed to boost your hair and scalp. 

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