Essential Oils for Natural Beauty - 7 Exciting Tips

If you have not tried essential oils for natural skincare and beauty, you are missing out. These oils virtually have the solutions to all skin problems. From acne to dryness and aging; the oils work naturally with the structure of skin to deliver tangible benefits. This article gives you 7 tips that will steer you in the right direction. You will learn about oils and how they can help you improve skin and enhance your natural beauty. When you go this direction, you will reduce toxins that are often present in conventional skincare products. You will also enjoy effective results that do not come with any major side effects.

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1. Patchouli essential oil is great for anti aging and scar reduction

This oil is derived from a plant that is a member of the mint, lavender and sage family. Patchouli is a term that means ‘green leaf’ in ancient Tamil. Some people seem to think that the term is Hindustan with the meaning ‘to scent’. The oil is mainly sourced from Southeast Asia in countries such as Indonesia, China and India. The oil has a slight sweet fragrance that is earthy. If you are looking for the best way to keep those fine lines at bay, this is the best oil for you. It helps keep your skin looking youthful by regenerating skin cells. It fades scars and owing to its antimicrobial attributes, it can help improve dermatitis, eczema and even acne.

2. Geranium essential oil is awesome for acne prone skin

This is an all-purpose oil that helps you reduce and prevent acne naturally. Its sweet smell is inviting and is sure to give you awesome results. It works best because it comes with anti inflammatory properties. If you are looking to firm your skin, this is still an effective oil for you. Minor cuts and bruises can be treated with this oil for quick recovery. It also promotes the circulation of blood on the skin keeping you looking radiant.  

3. Carrot seed essential oil will reduce scarring and promote a youthful look

This oil is best known for its abundant antioxidants. This means that free radicals that lead to aging and wrinkles can be discouraged this way. It also acts against inflammation which goes  a long way in helping fade scars as the skin is rejuvenated. Adding the oil to your natural skincare routine will certainly give you effective anti aging results.   

4. Frankincense is highly nourishing to the skin

If you have dry skin and need an effective oil, this is one of the best options. The good thing about frankincense is that it tackles a host of skin problems. It is anti inflammatory and antimicrobial. You can tone your skin this way while warding away blemishes caused by acne. Because it has skin cell regeneration benefits, you can look radiant and gorgeous. It also reduces wrinkles as it firms the skin. For chapped skin that is critically dry, try this oil first and see the difference.

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5. Tea tree essential oil is ideal for acne prone skin

Most people know the benefits of tea tree when it comes to taming acne. When used properly, it can give you relief without causing any harm to your skin. The acne causing bacteria cannot withstand the presence of this oil. As an antibacterial agent, it is a great way to keep blemishes at bay. In addition to killing bacteria, it promotes the oil balance on skin to prevent acne. If you have a wound, the oil can also help heal it quickly as it prevents infection as well.

6. Ylang ylang essential oil promotes skin elasticity

Ylang ylang oil comes with a superb fragrance. By improving skin elasticity, it gives you the most youthful look. Needless to say that problems like wrinkles and fine lines are fully catered for. It works by stimulating skin cell regeneration. In addition, it will control or balance the production of oil on skin. If you have a blemish prone skin, this is a good option as well.

7. Lavender essential oil will reduce scarring and remedy acne

You cannot talk about natural skin care without referring to lavender oil. This wholesome oil has multiple benefits. It reduces scarring and helps prevent breakouts. It boosts collagen production  to keep your skin fully revitalized. If you are looking for anti aging benefits, this is still the go-to oil for you. With excellent anti inflammatory benefits, you can confidently add this oil to your natural beauty regimen.   

How to use these oils on skin

As you know, the oil should never be used directly on the skin. These oils are too potent and can burn you. You always have to dilute them first. Carrier oils help dilute the oils best. Some good carriers include jojoba, argan and coconut oil. You can also use pumpkin seed and grapeseed oils. The rule of thumb is to make sure that the final product does not have more than 2% of essential oil. Even 1% is enough to enjoy the amazing skincare benefits of these concentrated oils. Oil blends are also effective and when making them at home, you have to use the right portions. There are excellent recipes for oil blends available. If you find it tedious, buy high quality blends from a trusted source. 

Where do you get essential oils from?

Buying high quality oils is fundamental if you want to enjoy all the merits. You need a brand that makes 100% pure and natural oils. Some due diligence will go a long way to find the perfect brand. To make your search easier, consider Utama Spice essential oils. These are natural aromatherapy products that are raw, pure, organic and effective. There are no artificial additives and you get a variety of oils under one roof. Also, you get wonderful extras like diffusers and oil blends. This highly rated aromatherapy brand sources its ingredients ethically and sustainably in the beautiful town of Ubud, Bali.

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