Cananga, Lavender and Patchouli Essential Oils: Beautiful Benefits for Skin and Hair

The continued use of conventional skin and hair products has wreaked havoc in many beauty regimes. This is no surprise because most of these products are loaded with synthetic chemicals and toxins that have bad effects; especially after prolonged use. Consequently, healthful beauty seekers are looking into alternatives. Thankfully, nature has more beauty solutions than one can imagine. With healing and protective properties, natural elements have the power to transform your body. The list of alternatives is endless; and this article takes a closer look at Cananga, Lavender and Patchouli essential oils. These oils have proven health and beauty benefits. Tap into the goodness of nature while harnessing unparalleled skin and hair merits.

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Cananga Oil

Cananga essential oil is often mistaken for Ylang ylang oil; they hail from the same family but Cananga is a more economical option. This is a pale yellow oil that is derived from the flowers of the Cananga plant. With a very thin consistency and a medium aroma, this essential oil is a bit woody, sweet and floral regarding its scent. In addition to skin and hair benefits, this oil has a myriad of other applications including for anxiety, high blood pressure, bug bites, stress, aromatherapy and more. This oil is potent and works effectively to improve the health and wellbeing owing to its constituents which include; linalool, delta-cadinene, germacrene D; the list goes on.

Cananga oil and applications herein date back to the indegenous settings of Asia including India, Indonesia, Philippines and other regions. This widely valued oil is derived through steam distillation from Cananga flowers which come in a lively bright yellow shade. Some sources say that the first distillation of Cananga oil was done in 1860 by Albert Schwenger. Initially, Cananga flowers were rubbed on the skin to soothe dryness and to ward off irritation. It worked perfectly for itches, insect bites and even balancing sebum production. Some ancient tribes also used it for adornment owing to the stunning beauty of the Cananga flowers.

Trusted sources also reveal that Indonesians, Malaysians and even Victorians used this oil as a major ingredient in their hair oil to spark natural rich growth. The oil would also be effective against split ends, dandruff and a host of other scalp problems. In addition to the constituents mentioned above, this oil also contains pinene and benzoic acid. It is the anti inflammatory and anti microbial attributes that make this oil highly superior for natural skin and hair care. Cananga oil also features highly in Ayurveda. 

When it comes to skin benefits, Cananga oil is an excellent addition to any natural skin care regimen. Because of the antimicrobial properties, the oil facilities fast healing of wounds, cuts and bites. Skin infections are prevented while healing is accelerated. Studies have also found that Cananga oil is effective against eczema, inflammation, irritation and redness or soreness of the skin. It keeps skin and scalp healthy by retaining moisture while cooling the skin at the same time. This oil is ideal for all skin types because it will help dry, oily, aging and even stressed skin to optimize natural beauty.

This oil works even better when blended with other oils like coconut oil, lavender essential oil and even patchouli oil to mention but a few. You can blend these oils at home when you have the right recipe. To make your work easier, look for a good natural brand that supplies high quality Cananga oil blends. To shorten your search, check out Utama Spice and discover a world of natural aromatherapy products made from nature for you.

Lavender Oil

We cannot talk about natural beauty without referring to the lovable attributes of Lavender essential oil. This plant is native to northern Africa and has been used for millennia for its therapeutic benefits. From fungal infection to hair loss treatment, this is certainly a great addition to your beauty routine. It is also effective against anxiety owing to its aromatherapy benefits. With antiseptic and anti inflammatory merits, this oil promotes healthy skin and hair by warding off irritation and infection. It is also deeply hydrating to skin. A study has confirmed that this oil kills a wide spectrum of fungi. There is also evidence to show the efficacy of this oil on wound healing.

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Another study has shown that Lavender essential oil can treat alopecia areata. It promotes hair growth by nearly 45% after only 7 months of application. And just like many other essential oils, you can blend it to produce a better product for skin and hair health. Lavender blends well with patchouli and Cananga oils. Also, carrier oils such as jojoba and coconut oil can make the blend even better for safe and efficacious application. However, to enjoy the benefits, you must use high quality Lavender essential oil or oil blend.

Patchouli Oil

This is yet another aromatic oil that belongs to the Lavender family. Also, Patchouli is part of the Sage and Mint family as well. This oil was used for centuries in Asia to alleviate conditions such as dandruff, skin dryness, acne, eczema and more. The cosmetic application for this oil are endless and for those who have never used Patchouli essential oil, below are a few facts. The oil is extracted from the leaves of the Patchouli plant. It has a spicy scent that is warm and musky. This plant is cultivated in many regions including Hawaii, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and even China. The constituents of Patchouli oil are many and they come with properties such as anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, analgesic, antidepressant and more. For aromatherapy, the oil delivers and it has been seen to have comforting, balancing and grounding effects.

Using high quality Patchouli oil is key to enjoying all the benefits. In addition, using the oil properly is crucial to avoid any ill effect. Start by sourcing the oil from a trusted company. Then, choose blends that work for you best. If you are looking for a hair solution or skin care product, choose blends that are tailored accordingly. Make your work easier and check out Utama Spice natural aromatherapy products.

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