8 Reasons Why Body Mist is Beneficial for Beauty

If you are big on scents, you must be familiar with body mists, also referred to as body sprays. Mists play a pivotal role in freshening your body and giving out a designed aroma. Some people confuse body mists with perfumes or think they serve the same purpose. Perfumes and mists are very different; however, they both add scents to your body. To fully understand the benefits of body mists, you must know what they are and how they work. This article delves into the fragrant world of mists and uncovers some excellent benefits that you can tap into.

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What is body mist?

Body mist is a hydrosol that is derived and created from plants and extracts therein. Essential oils through a process of distillation are mixed with water to create a blend rich in nutrients and other essential factors of a plant. The end product is a water based spray or mist that has a number of benefits where beauty is concerned. Mists have a lower concentration of fragrance compared to perfumes and are therefore considered mild or soft. Because they are naturally subtle, you have to reapply mists throughout the day as needed. They serve a complementary role to perfumes and in this regard, they are cheaper as well.

The beauty benefits of body mist  

As noted above, mists are made up of plant actives that carry a host of nutrients, antioxidants and more. Your skin will greatly benefits when it comes to hydration, cell regeneration and even the balancing of sebum on the skin. Mists are created from all manner of plants or essential oils and knowing the active ingredients is key to choosing what works perfectly for your skin. Below is a more detailed look at the top reasons why using a body mist is beneficial for your beauty regime.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

A mist can replenish skin moisture effectively throughout the day. If you are feeling dry or just want some refreshing, this is the best way to get some quick hydrating action. After you enjoy some sun, a mist is the best beauty partner for your skin. Just grab and spray some on the skin to rejuvenate instantly. Some people will mist after a shower or a bath to enhance moisture as well. Choose a mist that has natural components that hydrate your skin effectively. Do not forget that skin becomes drier with age; collagen production goes down and hydrating regularly is a great way to retain a more youthful skin.   

2. Add subtle fragrance to your skin and hair

A freshly scented body is more attractive and inviting. With body mist, you can retain a soft scent on your skin and hair. Feel uplifted as you go about your business. Keep in mind that heavy perfume can be choking and you may need only a slight scent that will enhance your mood and keep you focused. Also, a sensuous scent can effortlessly create a romantic mood and in this case, having some mist with you is always a plus. 

3. Layer scents and moisturize better

Body mists are awesome when it comes to layering scents and adding moisture to the skin and hair. You can use your normal perfume and enhance the scent by adding a mist. You can also mist on top of your daily moisturizer to boost deep moisturization. Therefore, you can layer for better results throughout the day. Body mist does a good job of locking in moisture so that your skin is protected in a superior way. Layered scents can retain their fragrance throughout the day.   

4. Excellent when used on pulse points

Pulse points are key areas where aromatic scents can be delivered to your senses effectively. They include inside the elbow, inner wrist, the base of your throat; among others. Misting in these areas will provide a lift and energize your body as needed. If you are stressed out or are tired after a long arduous day, this is a great remedy for you. Again, choose a body mist that has the right natural ingredients. Essential oils like lavender and citrus options are great for replenishing your energy and boosting your mood.  

5. Use it to soothe itching

Itching can be caused by bug bites or even dry skin. A body mist can soothe the area and restore comfort quickly. If you are grappling with scalp issues like dandruff, a body mist will come to the rescue and provide some relief. This is a natural way to ease this form of discomfort. 

6. Control odor

If you are planning to spend some time at the gym, you better have some body mist with you. It can control the bad smell caused by sweat. Using under the arms is advised before breaking into a sweat. If you need to freshen up your feet, some body mist will give you the right scent to keep foul smell at bay. For your feet, make sure to spray the mist both at the top and bottom.  

7. Reduce anxiety

A body mist can transform your mood instantly and take your anxiety away. It really doesn't matter how beautiful you are; anxiety and stress will compromise your well-being and leave you unhappy. For this reason, many people carry some good aromatic mist to lift their emotions as needed. A happy person is no doubt a beautiful person.

8. Other uses of body mist

The uses of body mist are pretty much endless. You can use it as a clothes and car freshener, for vacuuming, to add a pleasant scent to wrapped gifts and personalized notes, and even for facials by beauty experts.

Choose high quality body mist

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