5 Best Natural Ingredients For Hair Care

Not all natural ingredients transform your hair positively. Therefore, it is important to go a step further and consider the best natural ingredients for optimal hair care. The intricate composition of hair makes it very hard to manipulate compared to the skin. A component that can penetrate the hair shaft to nourish and strengthen is best suited to change your hair for the better. This article explores the best natural elements for your hair. These are ingredients that will not just sit on the surface of hair; but will go an extra step to feed hair with vital nutrients for healthy lustrous hair.

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil has to top the list of best natural ingredients for hair. It has been used for a very long time in both modern and traditional settings to improve hair. The oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids; this ensures that it penetrates effectively into the hair shaft. It delivers the needed nutrition while improving the quality of hair. Studies have actually found that coconut oil decreases protein loss in hair. Protein loss is often caused by excessive heat treatment and brushing. If you choose to use coconut oil, there are many other benefits to expect as listed below.

Because this is a penetrating oil, it works effectively on the scalp. It can treat and prevent dandruff. In addition, if you are grappling with insect bites, this is an effective remedy. Because of the deep follicular action, coconut oil will boost hair growth naturally. It also helps prevent hair loss by slowing down the process. If you seem to have dry hair all the time, the deep moisturizing action of coconut makes all the difference. If you are tired of dealing with split ends and hair breakage, it is high time that you tried this oil. You can buy raw coconut oil and apply as needed. Also, you can choose a natural coconut blend with added natural ingredients for even better results. Utama Spice is a natural aromatherapy brand with excellent hair oils for your hair. Coconut oil is blended with patchouli, lavender, cananga and an array of other essential oils to give you the best natural solutions for your hair.  

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Avocado oil

You know the natural goodness of avocado in your food and even on your skin. For hair, this oil is excellent as well. It provides a superior shine to fully condition your hair. Avocado is rich in vitamins and the most prominent ones are B and E. If you have been dealing with dry hair that is hard to manage, this oil will repair and nourish naturally. For those who have damaged hair due to heat treatment or other causes, this is still your go-to oil. It restores full moisture into your hair to provide a healthy attractive look from within. Because this oil is lighter than many natural oils, it is highly versatile. Therefore, avocado oil is great for people with low density, medium density and high density hair.

If you have issues such as psoriasis or dandruff, this oil will soothe your scalp deeply and provide the needed relief. It provides intense moisture from the hair roots to fully repair the problems. This oil also works as a great natural sunscreen for your hair. Because it is rich in vitamin E, you enjoy UV protection. Some studies have shown that this vitamin can actually reverse sun damage on hair. Vitamin D boosts hair growth and in this respect, you get multiple actions from avocado oil. The oil can also be used as a carrier oil. Together with essential oils like tea tree and lavender oil, you can create a more effective hair solution. 

Olive oil

You know the merits of olive oil in the kitchen. What you may not know is the benefit that comes to hair courtesy of this oil. Studies have suggested that this oil works just like coconut oil. It has some protective factors and helps nourish the hair shaft from within. It reduces frizz and helps keep hair tangles in check. Therefore, when used as a shampoo ingredient, it will moisturize and condition hair effectively. Blending other natural ingredients with olive oil will help create a better hair care product as well. Knowing how to use it properly is also the key to realizing the needed effect.

To enjoy the best results with olive oil, use a small amount on the hair. You can apply on all dry areas and massage from the scalp. Then, allow the hair to sit for about 30 minutes after putting on a shower cap. Rinse with warm water and a very mild shampoo where needed. This olive oil treatment will not just cleanse; but it will nourish your hair from the roots. Some people will choose to blend the oil with other natural oils or essential oils. Just make sure to get a recipe from a trusted source. Talk to an expert and avoid common mistakes people make with DIY hair care. If you have never used olive oil on your hair, start with a little amount to transition your hair care regimen slowly.

Rosemary oil

A lot has been said about the benefits of rosemary essential oil for hair. Studies have confirmed that the oil indeed has anti-inflammatory merits with the ability to improve blood circulation. The oil can also boost nerve growth. Therefore, this oil has been found beneficial to prevent hair loss. If you have issues like dandruff, this is certainly an ideal solution for you. It can also help an itchy scalp and hair that is dry and frail. Many times, premature graying occurs due to a host of factors. This oil can prevent this graying to retain healthy youthful hair.

Using rosemary essential oil on your hair is very easy. After taking a shower, massage a few drops of the oil on your scalp. To fully enrich it, you can use carrier oils such as coconut or jojoba oil. About 5 drops of rosemary oil is enough for you. You do not have to rinse the oil afterwards. Doing this a few times a week will certainly give you good results. You can also choose to use this oil in your shampoo or make a homemade shampoo. Adding this oil to your hair care routine will go a long way to give you the healthy hair you desire.


In the list of the best natural ingredients for hair care, honey certainly has to feature. This is because this natural emollient is packaged with wonderful benefits that really boost hair. As an emollient, honey will condition hair by locking in moisture. This has a ripple effect; preventing split ends and breakage. By strengthening hair follicles, honey reduces hair fall and prevents damage owing to its antioxidant properties. If you are dealing with scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis or eczema, honey has antimicrobial effects; soothing these conditions away. Overall, this ingredient boosts hair growth and regrowth. You can use it by creating a hair mask using a myriad of natural ingredients such as olive oil, avocado oil, egg, yogurt, coconut oil and many more.     

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