6 Big Blunders You Are Probably Making When Caring for Curly Hair

If your hair is curly, you already know that it is sensitive and needs extra care. In your bid to do everything right, you might make a few mistakes here and there. Even little things can have a huge impact on curly hair. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are avoiding common blunders. This article explores 6 curly hair mistakes; and how to correct the flaws effectively. 

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1. Using the wrong hair care products

Silicone and sulfates are some of the top ingredients to avoid. They take life from your curls and leave you looking dry and frail. In fact, getting your hair products wrong will cause many ripples. Therefore, take time with hair care products and know what they contain. Choosing natural hair care products is the best thing you can do. When reading the ingredients list, avoid any sulfates and silicone as mentioned above. Others to avoid are parabens and alcohols. When it comes to alcohols, ethanol and ethyl are known to be very harsh. However, there are good alcohols that are gentle and beneficial to curls. They are known as fatty alcohols and a good example is cetearyl. This good alcohol helps condition curly hair effectively. Silicone resemble plastic and is a form of plastic; it causes build-up even though it can make hair shine temporarily. As for sulfates, their drying effects are detrimental to curly hair period.

2. Not trimming regularly as needed

This is actually debatable. There are many people who don't believe that trimming curly hair is beneficial. To others, it may feel like they are reducing hair length. However, hair experts and stylists agree, that trimming is a great way to reduce breakage and to trigger growth. The best thing is to try it and see the difference. Trimming plays a pivotal role in keeping hair even and free from split ends. Trimming is only done at the tips of hair strands and in essence, it will not affect the length of your hair significantly. You improve your hair aesthetically as well.

3. Cleaning your hair too often

We all love clean fresh hair. However, if you are over-cleansing hair, you are doing yourself a disservice. Using shampoo more than twice a week is certainly too much for your hair to handle. This leads to dryness and your curls will lose their natural glow. Natural oils help retain the innate vibrancy in your hair. Also, waves, coils and curls will lose their shape when you wash too often. If you really have to wash your hair often, do not do it more than twice a week.

4. Using excessive heat

For curly hair, heat is actually an enemy. If you can style your hair naturally without heating tools, your natural hair will be healthier and more vivacious. However, heat plays an important role as well. If you have to use heat, use it in great moderation. Use the lowest setting of heat possible. Also, use products that protect your hair from heat damage. Again, heating should be restricted and used sparingly. Many people may not know that overheating can alter the state of your hair permanently and lead to growth plateaus and poor quality hair.

5. Not moisturizing enough

When you find a good natural moisturizer, your hair will thank you. You have to keep curly hair moisturized because compared to straighter hair, it needs moisture more. You need a daily regimen as well as a weekly plan that helps keep your hair well conditioned. Dull curly hair that is not lively is one major sign of moisture deficiency. Every single day, make sure to moisturize your hairline as well. A dry scalp will not grow lustrous hair and in this regard, you should always moisturize your scalp regularly.

6. Using the wrong hair tools

When de-tangling your curls, do not make the mistake of using a hair brush or a fine-tooth comb. These are too rough on your hair and your scalp. The best way to de-tangle curly hair is to use your fingers first in a gentle manner. Also, you can use a wide-tooth comb working on the ends first heading towards your roots. As you know, avoid combing hair that is dripping wet. You can spray some water on hair to reduce the roughness on the edges. All in all, with good hair products and tools, your hair will not suffer from major tangles. 

The list of curly hair mistakes is actually very long. Take time and listen to your hair. This is the best way to do things right. These mistakes are eventually detrimental causing breakage, dryness, lose of luster and even hair loss. Using silicone or sulfates for example has lasting bad effects. However, doing the best for curly hair will give you the most pleasing results every time.

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  1. I always trim my hair coz it actualy works. I usually have these rough ends most times.works for me.. great info @emma i like


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