Thinking About Dreadlocks? 7 Good Reasons to Lock Your Hair

Dreadlocks, commonly referred to as locks or dreads is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. According to historical records, variations of dreadlocks date back more than 2000 years. From ancient Greeks to indigenous Australians and Indian Sadhus or holy men, dreads were won for various reasons. Even today, people choose to lock their hair for many reasons or purposes; among them cultural or spiritual beliefs, political statements, ethnic pride and more. In the recent times, the natural hair movement has sparked a new appreciation for natural hairstyles. In this regard, dreadlocks have become a major fashion statement. If you have been thinking about locking your hair, this article gives you 7 reasons why you should go ahead. 

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1. A natural hairstyle free from harmful chemicals

If you are looking to turn a new leaf and go natural, locks are ideal. This style does not require the use of harmful chemicals and products. You can simply grow your hair out naturally and use natural products that do not harm your hair. This means less toxins in your body and a healthier you.

2. Have a natural look

Weaves and wigs are great; however, they can take away from your natural look. If you are looking to look authentic and natural, locks are awesome. In many cases, poor quality wigs and weaves create the most unnatural look that will not flatter you as desired.

3. Save money

The cost of buying wigs, weaves, braids and other hair accessories can leave your pocket empty. As if that is not enough, you have to keep visiting your hair dresser frequently to cough more money. If you are done spending a fortune on your hair, dreadlocks are the best alternative. Overall, they cost less.

4. Protect your hair

There has been a lot of talk about protective hairstyles. These are styles that allow your natural hair to grow while being protected from various elements. Locks will protect your hair accordingly. Because they form thick strong strands, your hair will not be destroyed easily by factors such as heat, wind and even sleet. 

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5. Grow longer hair

Many people often hit a hair growth plateau. This is a stage where hair length seems stagnant. There are many causes including harsh hairstyles, heat, constant combing and more. Locks grow faster and this is a proven fact. Therefore, if you are looking for long hair, dreads are a great choice.

6. Tap into a timeless hairstyle 

Dreadlocks never go out of style. They are fashionable and always stylish. In addition, you get a sense of pride with locks. If you have any philosophies for your locks, they are the best symbolism. Also, it feels good to grow your very own hair. 

7. A versatile hairstyle

Once you have your dreadlocks, there are endless styling options for you. You can achieve a variety of looks using your locks. This freedom removes monotony; making your locks highly versatile and trendy.

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  1. I locked last year and I don regret. Feel so much better not to comb. Great freedom ! n style


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