7 Tips to Buy the Ideal Wig for Your Face Shape

There are seven major face shapes. All people will have unique shapes but these are the general shapes that will help you choose the most flattering wig.

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1. Oval face shape

This is a longer looking face with a narrow jaw compared to the cheekbones. Most elements of the shape are proportional. To this end, this shape can accommodate all manner of wig and hair styles.

2. Round face shape

The features of this face include a round hairline and a round chin. The widest part of the face will tend to be the cheeks and ears. The best styles for this face shape includes back swept short wigs or those that are slightly longer than chin length. Adding both fullness and height at the crown is the key to getting a great look.

3. Square face shape

This face features a very strong square jawline and a square hairline. Wavy wigs that add softens and roundness fit very well with this face shape. Layers are great while adding height at the crown. Curls and waves will add symmetry enhancing your overall look.

4. Rectangular or oblong face shape

This is a longer face with no much width. It may feature a very high forehead and a narrow chin. Short and medium length wigs will shorten the length of the face. Side parts and layers are great at enhancing your look. With more fuller sides, your face width will be added.

5. Heart face shape

This shape will feature wide cheekbones and forehead with a narrow jaw line. The chin will often be small and soft. Some of the best suited wigs styles include side parted styles, chin length and other longer styles. The idea is to soften and narrow your chin while achieving balance with your prominent cheekbones.

6. Diamond face shape

This face is considered the cross between an oval and a heart shape. It features a narrow forehead and jaw line. The good thing about this shape is that it can pull off most wig styles. Experiment with what looks best on you.

7. Pear face shape

This face features a round chin, narrow forehand and a wide jaw. Styles that minimize the jaw line will work great. Having hair that is close to the forehead and temples can create an oval shape. Very long and full styles will add width to the jaw and you might want to avoid these wig styles.

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