Distinct Comfort and Style Delivered by Angelo Maclori Footwears

A few years ago, I walked into a popular shoe shop in search of comfortable shoes for daily use. I managed to get a decent pair for just under KSH 2,500. As with any new shoe, it felt tight at first but the sales agent assured me that this would resolve with time. After two years of very limited use of the pair, I gathered some courage and gave the relatively new shoes away. Even though the pair was my size, it turned out that the shoe was not wide enough to fit comfortably. After what felt like a raw deal, I chose to concentrate on sourcing my shoes online.

Angelo Maclori shoes

Stylish and comfortable

Can you find high quality cheap shoes online?  

To answer the question above, I decided to search for shoes under KSH 2,000 from the most popular local online retailers. It is difficult to believe that you can buy a cheap shoe online and get the quality you need. In my past online shoe buying experiences, I usually looked at the features and the brand reputation first. Then, I would avoid shoes that are too cheap. This time round, I was amazed to find some great variety on Jumia. Some shoes under KSH 2,000 really stood out. I decided to order the Generic Angelo Maclori Footwears Ladies Leather Shoes in a pulp maroon color priced at KSH 1,900.

Features that appealed most

- The shoe was really stylish; a compromise between an open and a closed shoe

- I had a few color varieties to choose from including maroon, yellow and blue

- The product information stated that the shoe had an inner lining made of ostrich leather and the upper part was made of goat leather

- The information also revealed that the under sole was made of 100% rubber

- This generic version implemented the original design by Angelo Maclori footwear 

- The seller information confirmed that high quality leather was used and that the shoe would be highly comfortable for all occasions

- For a person with a large shoe size, finding the best fit is always a concern and this shoe had sizes from 37 to 42; I chose size 42

Did the shoe satisfy all the above promises?

After ordering the Generic Angelo Maclori Footwears Ladies Leather Pulp Maroon shoes from Jumia, I was first impressed by the short delivery time. Within 7 days, my order was complete and was ready for pickup. After opening the package, I noted the following;

- The size was a perfect fit and not too tight or loose

- The color was just as I wanted in maroon

- The style and design was just as seen online on Jumia

- The back zipper detail worked well despite having reservations at first

The shoe after a week of wearing it

I decided to test the pair of shoe for a week to see whether they retained the comfort. It has now been more than a week and I'm happy to note that this shoe is one of my best cheaper orders from Jumia. For this product, I was impressed by the price (KSH 1,900) in relation to the quality. Also, shoes at this price range often tend to be open slip-ons which can pass for slippers. I use this shoe for any occasion both official and informal. There are many other shoe options under KSH 2,000 on Jumia. I will surely update you when I review a new pair.

When you visit Jumia, you will find my Verified Purchase review on this product. This confirms that I bought the product. This review is therefore an independent review and not sponsored by Jumia or the seller.

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