6 Amazing Benefits of Using a Quality Waist Trainer

In the 16th century, Catherine de'Medici (the wife of King Henry II of France) got fed up with people who were fat or overweight. In this respect, she duly banned bad-looking thick waistlines in court. This forced women to look for urgent remedies to keep their waistlines acceptable in the eyes of the queen. Some women started using cloths or stays to hold their bellies in a bid to look slimmer. This idea gave birth to corsets which became very popular henceforth. In the 19th century, corsets further inspired the idea of waist training and in some quarters, they are referred to as slimming belts or body shapers. There are celebrities who swear by waist trainers and this article looks at the top benefits of investing in a good waist trainer.

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1. Get a better-defined waistline immediately

After wearing a waist trainer that is nicely fitted to your body, you will notice the slimming results immediately. This is the best way to tap into the hourglass figure. The trainer will take about 4 to 5 inches from your waist. Therefore, if you need to fit into a shapely dress for a certain occasion, this is a quick fix. Keep in mind that a perfectly fitted body shaper will not leave you gasping for air. Beauty is not always pain and looking for the best fit for your body will serve you better.

2. Correct and improve your posture

Wearing a waist trainer will automatically make you adopt a better posture. Sitting behind a desk all day can leave you slouching; which is bad for your posture. To this end, you can invest in a waist trainer to get that attractive and confident posture. Standing up straight is also a great merit and a boost in overall confidence. Your colleagues will certainly notice an improvement when you wear this aid.

3. Enjoy a stronger back and eliminate back pain

As hinted above, your posture will improve. As a result, you will suffer less back pain. Experts have also found that keeping your back straight will strengthen it. As age progresses, men and women will be prone to back issues. A nice waist trainer or corset works to keep your back steady, firm and free from injuries. Some people suffer migraines owing to poor posture. Therefore, you can tackle this problem as well just by getting a nice trainer for your waist.

4. Helps supplement weight loss efforts

Wearing a good trainer for your waist can assist you loose weight. The trainer has properties that stimulate heat, increase metabolism and promote weight loss. Also, you are able to shape your abdominal area better making sure that you do not store excess fat in the region. This is the reason why people who wear the trainer for some time will have a visibly slimmer waist even when the corset is off. However, to achieve sustained weight loss, you must have in place a regiment that incorporates physical exercise and a suitable diet.

5. Promotes body reshaping and feminizing in trans women

If you are a trans woman looking for ways to look more feminine, a waist trainer is a great way to do it. A male body can be transformed accordingly for optimal results. Ultimately, you will have a much slimmer waist which will highlight your hips for that feminine appeal. This is a great option for those who are gender fluid as well.

6. Can help relieve menstrual cramping and aches

Applying pressure to your abdomen when you have menstrual cramps can greatly ease the pain. In light of this, a waist trainer will supply continuous pressure so that you can keep the suffering at bay. When you are pain-free, you are happier and more productive. This goes to show that corsets are not just beauty aids, they play a deeper role as well.

Types of waist trainers available in the market

For waist training, there are several options. The top ones include waist cinchers, waist trimmers and corsets. They all come with individual features with an end goal of helping shape your waist and promote weight loss.

Buy a quality waist trainer online

Kilimall has a great selection of waist trainers and shape-wear that work effectively. The ADRA Women's Waist Trainer is especially a great product that is very affordable (offer price KSH 999). After comparing different options, this trainer appealed more owing to its compact features and great user reviews. This product comes in all manner of sizes from small to 3 times extra large. You also have a variety of color options including black, pink, yellow, orange and blue. You can expect the following benefits from this product;

ADRA Waist Trainer on Kilimall

- Lower back support

- Defined curves

- Better posture

- Faster metabolism

- Injury protection

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