8 Typical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Smartphone Online

Smartphones are revolutionary communication gadgets equivalent to handheld personal computers. They enable mobile and Internet communication; alongside a host of other applications including seamless access to digital camera, video, games, clock, GPS navigation, planners, calendars, media player, compass, calculator, flashlight, SMS; the list is endless. Today, smartphone technology has greatly advanced; providing users with more features and better experiences. There is no doubt that the benefits of these gadgets are innumerable. From personal to professional use, smartphones have become indispensable. As a result, there are all manner of brands available online. You get quick and easy access to all the phones you desire from the comfort of your space.

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However, online shoppers are prone to making several mistakes when buying. To navigate the common pitfalls, it is crucial to know how to go about buying the right smartphone online. At the end of the day, you want to buy a gadget that serves you. In this respect, getting the right quality, price and phone type will be of value to you. To achieve this, be diligent and avoid these prevalent mistakes.

1. Not looking at the reputation score of the online seller

The online marketplace for smartphones is expansive to say the least. There are many players who have a variety of brands. When searching for the right online retailers, make sure to consider the reputation score of the seller. These scores are mainly assigned by users through reviews and ratings. Overall scores for quality and service are key. Therefore, before even considering the type of phone you want, look at the score of the online seller or brand. You should choose a merchant who scores highly; showcasing good reputation. This is the only way to avoid low quality smartphones often sold by sketchy private sellers.

2. Not reviewing the buyer protection offerings by the online seller

When buying a smartphone online, you want to feel protected as a buyer. Some of the most common incentives that go into buyer protection include money-back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee. Some virtual retailers will also offer best-price guarantees for the smartphone you wish to buy. Buyer protection is invaluable. This is because you will not lose your money if something goes wrong; and you do not get the product you ordered in the desired state. Marketplaces that offer buyer protection are the best; this is because they can be trusted to refund your money in case they do not deliver on the promise. However, some sellers will not offer such guarantees and it is upon you to make an informed decision before buying.

3. Ignoring hot deals and offers

Some online shoppers are never keen on deals and offers on smartphones. However, these deals will greatly discount the prices to your delight. In fact, you can save a substantial amount of money just by looking out for offers and deals. The best place to find smartphone discounts is online. Many online stores will have mobile weeks. This is a good chance for you to choose a smartphone that works for you. If you are not looking to save money, this may not appeal to you. All in all, you never have to pay more than is necessary for a smartphone. Having said this, be cautious of deals that are too good to be true.

4. Paying an arm and a leg for a smartphone online

Smartphones; especially new ones with improved models can be too expensive. Some online shoppers are always fooled by the offerings therein. Before paying a small fortune for a smartphone, consider your needs. What features will you be using in the phone? Do you need all the technical features with jargon that you cannot even crack? Some shoppers like to boost their confidence by buying the coolest and most notable smartphones in the market. This is great; if you can afford it. The truth of the matter is that choosing cheaper smartphones with fewer practical features could be more beneficial. Therefore, have a reasonable budget in mind and steer clear of spending too much money on a smartphone online.

5. Thinking that all top brands are superior

Every person could have their favorite smartphone brand. However, this does not mean that other smaller and lesser-known brands are not as good. Some online shoppers assume that just because a brand name does not stand out, it must be inferior. There is nothing further from the truth. The good thing about unknown brands is that you buy them cheaper. Also, you access a host of features that mainstream brands also have. As long as the brand does not have a reputation of poor quality, there is no harm in brand diversity. You might even discover great elements that top brands may not have. Big smartphone brands excel at marketing; they have a huge budget for that. Smartphone quality regardless of brand name is what your priority should be. Keep in mind that some top brands like Huawei own lesser-known brands like Honor.

6. Not reading all the product information available

Some online shoppers would rather consider brand reputation rather than go into the details and specifications. All smartphones have varied and unique features. Even new models of the same phones will have distinct features that you should know about. Knowing how the digital camera is different from the others will make a difference. Learn about the storage options and consider the user-friendliness of the phone. In addition to features, look at the product gallery pictures. See the shape and how it differs from the rest. Every element is important and it will help you make a sound decision. Choose a phone that not only appeals to you; but one that will serve you in an ideal manner.

7. Not buying smartphone protection

After you spend a good sum of money on your ideal phone online, do not make the mistake of not getting a case for protecting your gadget. Phones are prone to falls and other hazards. Therefore, when buying online, be sure to look for some nice cases. Go for those that provide full protection and are water resistant. Also, choose a phone case that is attractive to suit your fashion preferences. This way, you can safeguard one of your most valuable assets.

8. Assuming that a smartphone with a better camera is of better quality

Just because a phone has the best digital camera specifications does not mean that it is of a better quality than a phone with a lesser camera. You have to differentiate between overall phone quality and camera quality. These are separate entities. If you are looking to boost your smartphone photography, you may want a phone that delivers the right crisp images and videos. However, if you are looking for an overall better quality smartphone, using camera specs can be misleading. It is better to consider the overall features and abilities of the phone to judge the quality.

Quick fun facts about smartphones

- According to statistics, smartphones have made online shopping more vibrant. eBay sells an item every 2 seconds via smartphone.

- It is estimated that 4 billion people in the world own mobile phones. However, statistics indicate that only 3.5 billion people in the world use a toothbrush. This would effectively make smartphones more popular than toothbrushes.

- Smartphones enable people to use informal language to communicate better and quickly through text messaging. You will be surprised to learn that British Navy Admiral, John Fisher was the first person ever to use OMG (Oh My God) in a text message.

- In a survey done on iPhone users, 60% of the respondents stated that they would rather die than live without their phone. In the same survey, 18% of iPhone users said that they were ready to stop bathing to continue using their phones.

- The most popular smartphone apps are games and weather apps. They are followed by social media apps and then maps, music and news apps.

- The most vibrant and fastest growing sector in the world is the mobile phone industry. Every single day, phone companies are creating more compact smartphones with new features keeping users on their toes.

Which are the top selling smartphone brands worldwide?

According to the most recent statistics by Gartner, below is a list of the most popular and highest selling phone brands on the planet.

1. Samsung - In the 4th quarter of 2017, this company commanded an 18.2% market share

2. Apple - In the same period, Apple recorded about 17.9% market share standing

3. Huawei - This smartphone giant came in third with a market share of 10.8%

4. Xiaomi - 6.9% was the market share commanded by this company

5. Oppo - This smartphone provider managed just behind Xiaomi with their share of the market at 6.3%

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